To Aramoana for Mussels!

The weather was a bit iffy but we figured we could still nip out to grab a treat for our dinner. We crossed our fingers that the weather would hold and headed out past Port Chalmers and up the winding road to Aramoana.

2015-09-21 16.29.54We set off down the beach and got blasted from behind by a vicious wind, but eventually reached the rocks at the far end. Poking around, we gathered a decent haul of large mussels and proceeded back the way we came. This time, the wind was in our face and not particularly pleasant!

We hurried home to prepare our feast and found we had a decent haul.

Fat juicy mussels!
Fat juicy mussels!

Creamy mussel pasta was our reward – although there was some extra sandy crunch! Still, worth it!

2 thoughts on “To Aramoana for Mussels!

  1. Welly

    Where are the mussels? Do you have to dive for them or are they attached to the rocks on the beach? I went there and walked all the way up to the rocks at the end, but didn’t find any. There was some seals on the rocks so I didn’t continue further.


    1. amanda

      Hi, They are usually just attached to the rocks near the tide line. You will have to go at low tide and watch for seals!!

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