Sandfly Bay

Another chilled out walk for a tired adventurer.

Once again we detoured via Portobello, this time taking Highcliff Rd, past Harbour Cone where I noted sites of interest for future adventures, until we arrived at Seal Point Rd. At the end of this road is the Sandfly Bay car park.

2015-09-21 21.05.40The path took us briefly through a paddock and down to the lookout which offered a splendid view of the beach.

Sandfly Bay from on high
Sandfly Bay from on high

We then slide-walked down the steep dune to the beach itself. Once again we had to share with a dozen sleepy sea lions, but at least they let us pass this time. Maybe we can be friends after all.

Sandfly Bay from end to end
Sandfly Bay from end to end

We ambled to the other end of the beach, then returned to investigate the creek – and almost lost a member of our party in quick sand!

We proceeded to amuse ourselves by edging out on to the sodden sand and watching it ripple and buckle around us, like standing on a moving carnival fun mirror.

Someone got wet and the fun was over, so we headed back past the sleeping sea monsters and began the tiresome slog up the dune. Sadly I was not a hundred per cent well, and disgraced myself with much puffing and stopping to rest.

Eventually I made it up the hill alive, despite my companions’ cruel refusal to carry me. Luckily an ice cream at Portobello put me back in good spirits.

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