Winter Fishing South of Dunedin

As I wait impatiently for fishing season to open, I cast my eyes over local Dunedin areas where I can still get my fishing fix. I’ve cross-referenced the fishing regulations with the South of Dunedin brochure provided by fish and game in order to get a big picture idea of what’s available to me. Since it took me some time, I thought I’d make it available in case it might help anyone else suffering from the winter fishing itch. Of course you should double check the regulations in case they’ve changed or I’ve made a mistake, but hopefully it gives a good idea.


Taieri mouth is open up to the Silver Stream confluence, indicated by my topmost crude orange scribble. Waipori River, Lake Waihola and the entire network between them is open up to where the Waipori River flows into Lake Waipori, shown by the middle orange scribble. And the Tokomariro river is fishable below the Coal Gully Road bridge, or remaining orange squiggle. The Akatore Estuary is also open, but not the Akatore River.

If I’ve made any errors or missed anything out, please comment and let me know!

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