Pyramids Wetlands

Since we were both recovering from colds, we decided a nice gentle walk was in order.

2015-09-01 16.39.25

To reach the Pyramids car park, we headed out on Portobello Rd, crossed over to the other side at Weir Rd, and turned left onto Dick Rd along which we observed many pukeko and noisy paradise ducks.

There’s a long straight walk between paddocks to reach the Pyramids. We passed by two tiny newborn lambs, still shaky, and their very protected mother. The poor things were born on a cloudy, cool day.

We declined to walk up the small pyramid, instead opting to take the loop track, which passes a boulder slope at the foot of the large pyramid, where a new species of lizard has recently been discovered.

We wandered partway up a slope which had been planted with cabbage trees. Dad poked into a nearby spot of bush while I sat on a handy rock and admired the view. I managed to spot two fantails, one bellbird, two hawks and a half dozen honking paradise ducks.


The loop track took us past a much smaller rock formation, which from some angles looked eerily like the ruins of a building.

With socks thoroughly soaked through from the wet grass, we beat our retreat.

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  1. Sharon

    Hi, Did you see the little wooden sculpture? Would you have a picture of it please.

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